The brand little Looms was conceived six years back when as mother’s, we were trying to furnish the nursery for our little girls. While doing so, we realised there was a paucity of good quality kids rug in the market. The market was flooded with machine made synthetic rugs but nothing which was chic and exclusive! The idea instantly flashed in our minds and we were eager to design rugs which were not only plush but interactive and playful for little children. We took inspiration from our own kids and their peers to design rugs which would be perfect for their age. Since the rugs originated from the thoughts of the kids, they were an instant hit! But as any journey; Ours too was a rough one in the beginning but we kept ourselves going.

To start something from the scratch, as We know, can be quite a herculean task. We had to put together everything from the beginning to give it the shape that we desired. A workshop, tools and equipments, good quality material, skilled artisans etc. We had to lay the ground work for the complete overhaul of the system.

Once we managed that we started working on the designs which was not as easy as it sounds. Ideas flooded us and we created our mood boards/story boards keeping in Mind the international trend forecasts and played tenderly with colours as we weren’t sure how they would reflect in reality. We were so nervous and excited when our first design took to the loom. As the weaving progressed, the design and colors started to blend, our designs came to life, We were overwhelmed and knew that this is what We hoped for as an end result. With our head over our shoulders and a firm determination We took off.

We juggled with our daily rigmarole at home, socially and the tough spots at work too. We were passionate about what we were doing and achieving our vision so even during the uphill climb we managed it smilingly.
Little Looms is where it is today with a lot many pages of ups and downs. We managed being perseverant as our effort was in the right direction.

For any business an award means recognition. It’s a motivation and morale booster for the staff as well. The struggles and challenges that a company encompasses while growing seems worthy post a recognition as they seem like a reassurance and it urges you the way forward and prepares you for what might come next. The kidsstopress award and the love and support from our clients has further strengthened our belief that quality has to be the utmost priority and we never faltered on that. To get and pass a quality product to the end user is an arduous task but we have never compromised on the same and this would continue to be our ultimate aspiration at Littlelooms.

Little Looms rugs are completely handcrafted with eco-friendly yarn and are completely safe for children. At little looms, we take great care to design rugs for little children as they provide the setting for some of their life’s most precious moments!

We thank you all for your support and patronage all through our journey and the trust that you have instilled in us. Being mothers, We understand how our life revolves around the best for children. The bright smiles we see on the faces of our little clients inspire us to work harder and offer them nothing but the best !

So, go on and make precious memories with your little ones on these hand-woven carpets. After all, a room without a rug is incomplete!

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