Children just love playing on the ground, so when you think about decorating your children’s room with a new rug, you know it will be a place where your children will spend a lot of happy moments.

Littlelooms rugs definitely add an element of fun and whimsy to a nursery/ playroom.
The carpets not only Aesthetically lift up a room but also stimulate the child’s imagination through an array of designs and colours woven in them.
At Littlelooms ,you will find the perfect children’s rug for sure.
We have a great collection of kids rugs for boys , girls and unisex rooms. Littlelooms Carpets come in a variety of colours and patterns and as we hold many children’s rugs in stock, we also have a great collection of area rugs for your bedrooms and living rooms .

Kids Rugs besides adding a dash of style and warmth to a kids room acts as a playground for children too. We have children’s rugs in all colors and playful designs to choose from . We also customise rugs in different sizes and design according to the theme of the room.

For instance for boys room “Fast and Furious” rushing though the young ones, have Race track carpets in their rooms to zip their cars on. A Brilliant place to race the car rugs with one’s friends.
For girls , we have cute princess rugs and pink rugs and purple rugs In Many patterns to choose from.
At Littlelooms, we also offer nursery designs, like star rugs for kids, which add a sparkling touch to every child’s bedroom – or a cute moby giraffe rug which have been all the rage for some time now.
Obviously, we also offer a great variety of different shapes: butterfly shaped , elephant -shaped and even round rugs.
Simply browse through our selection and choose the perfect children’s rug for your little ones.

While soft baby blue rugs and pale pink rugs with cute designs change every room into a beautiful realm for babies, a trendy kid’s rug equally invites boys and girls to romp around and cuddle and is therefore perfectly suitable as a comfortable play mat. Children’s rugs decorated with fun animals from the zoo or educational rugs with colourful letters and numbers will definitely transform every kid’s room into a fun paradise for kids and give them cozy space to make precious memories.